HTC Vive VR Simulation Drunk Driving Project

For our new Chinese customer the urgent project was completed before dedline, it is in just one month (January 2018)!
The project is a realistic VR simulation of driving a car under the influence of alcohol. We have developed a street system with 13 intersections. Multi-lane streets are followed by 20 vehicles controlled autnomously using the innovative (own) swarm algorithm. Cars change lanes, stop on red lights, turn and avoid collisions.
The effect of alcohol is simulated by random limiting of visual acuity, narrowing of the visual field, auditory hallucinations, delayed reaction and imbalance. Interestingly, we had to limit the intensity of some stimuli, because they caused real nausea – just like it happens when drunk.
The simulation supervises the driver’s correct driving. Driving on a red light or collision with another car or object is sanctioned with a negative score. The goal, however, is not to avoid a collision but to show how difficult it is to be careful in such conditions.
The app has been developed for the HTC Vive headset and the Logitech G29 steering wheel set.

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